Furthermore, Henderson Aquatics may, in its sole and absolute discretion, choose to introduce and/or sell its Henderson® brand products through only specific trade channels or types of accounts for specific time periods or, in certain cases, through out the life of the product. In October 2013, Henderson Aquatics introducedits TherMAXX™ suit. Because of its unique design, Henderson determined that the TherMAXX™ suit is to be offered for sale by its authorized dealers only through their physical locations. While dealers are free to offer TherMAXX™ products to their customers in any manner that the dealers may choose, the offering of these products via the Internet or other electronic communication will be deemed a violation of this policy. For the purpose of this policy, ”advertising” means and includes theplacing of any advertisement or promotion a) through television or radio or in print media including newspapers, magazines, catalogs,brochures, flyers or circulars (including direct mail flyers or circulars sent to customers), or b) over the Internet.If a discount or a give-away is included on another

Cancelation of Orders

We may cancel your request by phone at +420 220 805 300. We may cancel your request before 11:00 am every working day before the order is processed. If the shipment is already send a cancellation can not be done.

Final provisions

The warranty conditions have been processed according to existing laws and are applied on the goods that have been purchased at Olson Company Ltd. and any disagreement with the contract of sale or defects have been applied during the warranty period. With the purchase of the consumer goods the buyer agrees with the terms of the guarantee at Olson Company Ltd. The warranty period begins on the date of receivment of the goods. If goods are not collected personaly, it is understood that the acquisition of the goods took place when the goods were departured. All the parameters and the information listed in the brochure are only indicative and may not apply on the basis of any claims. Error system, setings, human factor reserved.

Place and way to apply of guarantee

In the event of a defect performance covered by the warranty, the buyer preference to ensure that the claims department of corrections Olson Ltd. Buyer demonstrates the origin of the goods by presenting proof of purchase. Address Olson Co. is included in the proof of payment. The Purchaser shall deliver at its own expense and risk of defective goods to the seller. Goods must be in the original package or container to prevent product damage during transport, the full state, including manuals, cables and all other accessories. Buyer demonstrates the origin of the goods by presenting proof of purchase.

Compliance with the contract, liability for defects

Governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the laws that protect consumers. The warranty period shall be extended for a period during which the product was in warranty repair. In the case of exchange of goods the buyer acquires a new guarantee of 24 months. Seller issue buyer service document, indicating the scope and duration of repairs. Any further claims shall be applied on the basis of proof of purchase along with a track record of repair or service document. In the event of irreparable defects in goods (on the basis of a written assessment of an authorized service center, if required by the nature of the product), a buyer the right to exchange things or has the right to withdraw from the contract. Company Olson Co. reserves the right to replace defective and unrepairable goods for other, similar or comparable higher specification. The guarantee does not apply to normal wear Affairs (or its components) caused by use. Shorter product life can not be considered a defect and can not even claim. The warranty period for all persons using the product for the purpose of business with this product is not established the Civil Code, but it provides a specific manufacturer or importer.

Entitlement to the guarantee shall cease:

  • Expired when the day of receipt of the articles claimed in breach of warranty repairs protective seals and stamps, if the product is mechanical damage of goods electrical damage (visibly charred device, components or printed circuits) .
  • Impairment in the transport of goods (such damage must be addressed directly with the carrier).
  • Use of articles in conditions that do not correspond to its temperature, dust, moisture, chemical and mechanical effects of the environment provided for the device incorrect installation, treatment, service, or neglect of the articles have been article damaged.
  • Excessive load, or use contrary to general principles of carrying outunlawful interference with other devices or modifications without our permission involvement in the electricity network not relevant CSN goods have been damaged elements.
  • In the case of unjustified complaints or non-correction will be forced to charge all the costs associated with repair and testing of 350, – CZK / hour. + VAT.

What is all needed for complaint.

Along with the goods Provide a copy of proof of purchase and description of defects. Goods Deliver complete, including manuals and all accessories. This is sometimes needed for testing or repair and is necessary in case of irreparable defects, when the goods are new or amended for the dobropisuje. We recommend always shipment insurance.


We respects the principle of “Refunding Guarantee”, which should increase your confidence in shopping over the Internet. This applies to all end users (not dealers), the supply of goods transportation company (not for personal sampling in our premises in Holešovická tržnice, Prague 7). In accordance with Act No. 367/2000 of 14 September 2000 as a consumer you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods. We understand your situation. You have offered the opportunity to adequately inspect the goods in advance or you can make a mistake when ordering. If you notice immediately after the purchase that the goods will not, for whatever reason, you have the possibility of within that period without giving any reason to return and will be immediately refunded the purchase price.

Returned goods should be sent exclusively to: Olson Ltd. Bubenské nábřeží 306, 170 04 Prague 7

Credit card payment

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According to the law on the registration of sales, the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. He is also obliged to register a revenue received from the Tax online; in case of technical failure, then within 48 hours.