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Men’s Camouflage Free Diver lycra jumpsuit



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• Nylon/ Lycra Spandex
• Overlock seams
• Front zip
• Flatlock seams

The sheer versatility of Hot Skins® has made them a staple
for all types of ocean lovers, especially divers and snorkelers.
Made either from premium grade Lycra® or robust Polyolefin,
they help shield the skin from abrasion, UV rays and biological
irritants. Lycra® Hot Skins® are sewn from material prized for
its stretch and strength. Durable overlock stitching is used
on the full-body jumpsuits and non-chaffing flatlock stitching
is used for T-shirt and short style garments. Combined with
attractive styling, Hot Skins® look great, allow for nearly total
freedom of movement and stand up to the rigors of an active
Hot Skins® made from Polyolefin take performance to the
next level. Polyolefin is woven from colored, solid core
material. These suits are not dyed, will never fade and are
impervious to the bleaching effects of chlorine and sunlight.
This “bomb- proof” material also has a softer side, with suit
interiors featuring a fleece lining that is luxurious against the
They make donning easier, help prevent chaffing from seams
and add a noticeable measure of warmth. Each full-length
jumpsuit comes equipped with thumb loops, heel straps and
a tough, non-corrosive zipper.

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