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Aqua Loc Zippered Boot 3mm, 5mm & 7mm



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Aqua Loc Zippered Boot 3mm, 5mm & 7mm

Product Description

Designed as part of the Aqua Loc® system these Boots utilize

the same construction techniques employed by all Aqua Loc®
Wetsuits. Every seam on the boots are first double glued and
blind stitched inside and out. Then the outer seam is coated
with a special waterproof Aqua Loc® liquid tape barrier which
seals the seam from water entry and also helps protect the
stitching from damage and unraveling.
The interior of the Aqua Loc® boots are lined with a Golden
micro fleece lining which dries quickly and feels luxurious
against the skin. It also improves the ease of putting on and
taking off the boots.

The Boot interior features 3 silicone O-ring seals which
mate to the Aqua Loc® ankle on the 5mm and 7mm
jumpsuits. A special ankle extension allows for a secure
grip when pulling gloves over the mating skin ankle cuff.
A beefy #10 YKK zipper assure years of hassle free use,
while a special zipper lock secures the zipper in the up
position during use. The Aqua Loc® boot exterior features
Henderson’s renowned Aquasilk laminate which is also
utilized in Henderson’s flagship H2 boot series. The sole
is Henderson’s proprietary low profile design which is used
in all Henderson boots and not available from any other
company. Heel and toe protection are thermally bonded
to the boot to provide long durable life in the most
demanding conditions.

Sizing / Materials


Material Thickness
3mm, 5mm & 7mm

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